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Urban Wilderness

Reimagining the concept of »urban nature«:
Ecological restoration through a new process of urbanization

Political Ecology & Urban Design

The 2016 United Nations (UN) Habitat III Conference recently declared urbanization as »one of the 21st century’s most transformative trends«. The current condition of “planetary urbanization” unequivocally reveals a multi-faceted ecological crisis in the form of climate change, soil degradation, deforestation and widespread loss of »wilderness« and accordingly habitat loss and extensive declines in wildlife populations.

A departure from the current mode of urbanization (with the aforementioned issues in mind) leads to a new process; one which seeks to stimulate an ecological recovery (both in urban and rural areas) and embody the right to the city. The human-centered design perspective is extended by giving nature an equal voice in the democratic urban process. Nature is not understood as a “disinterested third party”; nature is ‘us’ and is thus reinstituted into the politics of city design, governance and the production of urban space. Guided by a set of principles, and the reinstitution of nature by lending it a voice, a snapshot design of ‘how a city could look and feel like’ is presented. The design of a prototype gives a concrete vision that forms a basis of discussion.

Urbanization will inevitably have an enormous impact in the twenty-first century; however, the ways in which we define, construct and carry-out the process of urbanization, are entirely open. The process of urbanization that we collectively choose can be reframed. By presenting a reimagined vision of ‘urban nature’ we aim to foster discussion, debate and a fundamental re-thinking of what cities are, and what they could be. Our process and prototype show that a new kind of city is possible — already today.

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with Stephen Leitheiser, Ella Schabrahm, Louis Schreel, Maria de Villafranca
supervised by Dr. Follmann

semester project at University of Cologne, 2016/17

10th »Sustainable Approaches for Health and Environment«

Diving into the Actor-Network Theory by Latour inspired me on how to rethinking current design processes. I lead the design process, introduced methods and vizualised ideas. I was co-author and co-presenter.

Urban Issues and Development
Urban Issues and Development
Urban Wilderness
Urban Wilderness
Urban Wilderness